The NC State Fair holds many opportunities for students to help raise funds for the club and also learn more about the dairy industry. At the T-Shirt Booth, Students raise money for the club by selling t-shirts, cow ties and aprons; they can also interact with visitors and help answer questions. At the Cheese Booth, club members join with Got To Be NC and help pass out cheese and help answer questions that fair visitors may have. The club memebers also assist with the junior dairy show as ringmasters and help keep order and pass out ribbons. Finally, members also help with the milking parlor where club members assist with taking milk samples from cows and milking.
Community Service
Each semester club members do community services, which can consist of many different projects. Each year the club attends the Special Olympics event at the Hunt Horse Complex and passes out Howling Cow Ice Cream to all the participants and their families. The club will also go to the Dairy Unit and help clean up and assist with any other work that needs to be done at the time.
American Dairy Science Association
Club members can attend regional and/or national ADSA meetings and compete in different events against other Dairy Science Clubs such as quiz bowl, scrapbook, yearbook, website, posters, and giving presentations.
Dairy Challenge
Dairy Challenge is a great way to learn more and test your knowledge of the dairy industry. Club members can attend to compete against other dairy science clubs in judging dairy farms. Additionally, they can attend the academy where they do not compete, but tour a dairy farm in teams made up of different colleges with 2 advisor, and work together to judge the farm.