Dairy Oriented Classes Available at NCSU

Milk and Dairy Products
Dairy Cattle Managment
Lactation, Milk, and Nutrition

ANS 324

ANS 404

ANS 454

Introduction to the manufacture of dairy products. Dairy processing procedures from the farm, through the dairy plant, and to the consumer are studied. The course consists of 15 learning modules, three exams, and a project.
Nutritional requirements of the dairy cow, digestive physiology, practical applications of balancing rations, feeding systems, and management tools for effective feeding strategies. Students will also receive information on labor managemnt and efficient record keeping tools.
Nutritional properties of milk as a high-quality food with nutritional diversity. Principles of physiology, biochemistry and cell biology in the mammary gland. Procedures of milk production and milk collection for milk quality and nutrition. Human lactation vs. that of domestic animals. Impacts of biotechnology and food safety on dairy production. .